3-Day GOLDZONE Wealth Weekend

September 17 – 19, 2016 | Bangkok, Thailand
May 20 – 22, 2017Singapore

Three educational days to transform your relationship with money, power, status and success. Clean Slate your money dynamic to create the income, wealth, and legacy you want while enjoying the good life with the people you love.



The GOLDZONE Wealth Weekend is a three-day educational event to transform your relationship to money, wealth, power, status, and success.

You can change your financial future, today! Regardless of your financial status, position or level of success, the Wealth Weekend will introduce new as well as timeless principles of wealth that can be applied immediately to solve financial, relationship and career challenges as well as to provide a foundation of sustainable financial success.

Many of us are embarrassed or ashamed to talk about money, and yet it is one of the most important aspects of life to master. How are you going to master something that is so difficult to talk about? The GOLDZONE Wealth Weekend makes it safe, easy and comfortable to discuss our fears, hopes, dreams, relationship to money, and how to Clean Slate our money dynamic to create the income, wealth, legacy we want while enjoying the good life with the people we care about.

Personal & Economic Freedom
– Your Basic Right!

Let’s begin with personal freedom. The basis of personal freedom is the ability to think for yourself, the freedom of speech to express yourself, and the freedom to make up your own mind and take whatever action moves you towards your own goals (as long as you don’t infringe on the rights of others.)

One of the foundations of personal freedom is economic freedom. Economic freedom is your basic right in any capitalist country. Economic freedom enables you to make your own economic decisions. This includes the right to own, use and profit from property (property is defined as anything you own such as money, real estate, patents, businesses, worldly possessions etc.) You are free to choose and change jobs, businesses, careers, and relationships. You have the freedom to save money and invest it as you wish.

Most people neither understand nor fully exercise this basic freedom. Instead of thinking for and educating themselves, they abdicate responsibility for their personal economics to an outside authority – including partners and spouses.

Anytime we abdicate responsibility to an outside authority we are giving up our basic freedom and becoming at the effect of someone else. This is the primary cause of failed partnerships, marriages, businesses and is the basis of one side of the money PLOT. The other side of the money PLOT is where we are the “outside authority” and other people have abdicated their control to us.

While we are in the PLOT we may achieve economic freedom, however, we will never have emotional freedom. Which means that we are not really economically free – because of our needs and obligations to be taken care of by other people – or to be the one taking care of other people. It is not possible to enjoy money for what it is – if your relationship with money is mired in and intertwined with power, control, insecurity, lack, and limitation!


The Exchange Point Determines
the Money FLOW

It is at the point of exchange that our money FLOWS are revealed and our true feelings about money show up. Many of us have a difficult time identifying and acknowledging our true feelings about money. And yet it is these very feelings that drive our behaviors, which ultimately create our results.

The fastest way to identify our feelings about money (or lack of it) is to examine our exchanges with other people. It is very easy to say rationally that we believe in fair exchange and win/win – however, when our money is on the line – our true feelings and behavior are exposed.

During the GOLDZONE Wealth Weekend, we will go through a guided process to determine which of the Optima Zones most of your money exchanges are in and why. You will discover where you are overtaking on one hand, and over-giving on the other. This is a revealing and fascinating story to unfold… and most people who complete the process experience profound realizations, ah ha’s and cognitions. Huge amounts of trapped Lifeforce are liberated… resulting in a feeling of lightness, joy, enthusiasm and total financial certainty.


De-Program, De-Condition
& De-Hypnotize Yourself

There are many people teaching about money and how to build one’s wealth, however, there is very little support available to help one de-program, de-condition and de-hypnotize oneself from the core emotional aspects of money. This is more than a mental exercise, it takes examining one’s family background to fully understand and appreciate all the subtle and pervasive thoughts, beliefs and feelings that drive our money attitudes and behaviors.

Then there is the metaphysics of money, wealth, and abundance. Many people think they know about metaphysics – and yet are unable to use this knowledge to financial advantage. The true test of knowledge is all in the application: if you can do it, then you know it. If you cannot do it – then you don’t know it.

If you review the Optima Zones of Wealth, you will note that our definition of wealth is way beyond the trappings of success… income generating assets, fancy cars, big houses and loads of cash. What good is financial abundance if one has no time to enjoy it, no energy and one’s relationships are bankrupt? Most people believe in their core feelings that you cannot have it all and that you have to sacrifice something in order to obtain wealth and all its trappings. This is absolutely not true. You can have it all. And you can have it sooner than you realize… by learning about and mastering the universal principles of Goldzone Wealth!


Spiritual Principles of Money,
Success, and Fulfillment

Many people don’t realize that our results in life, business and relationships reflect our “inner landscape.”  We are often so busy looking to change everything around us and the people in our lives that we don’t stop and consider that perhaps there is something deep within us that needs changing and when this inner change occurs – the outside results change in a very dramatic way.

When you question your assumptions, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors towards money or other areas – a profound and almost mystical thing happens!  Your results change almost immediately to reflect the inner change.

Once you understand this spiritual principle, you will no longer consider attempting to change other people or other things – you will look within yourself for what needs changing in order to get the results you want.  The GOLDZONE Wealth Weekend is a very carefully constructed learning environment that is safe for you to experiment, make mistakes and learn at a core level how this principle works and how you can use it to create more of what you want.

After that, the only problem you will have is what to do with all the money, love, success and fulfillment that comes into your life!

At the very least, now you can:

  • Develop closer, more meaningful relationships with those you love and work with.
  • Dramatically increase your ability to communicate, ask for and get what you want.
  • Unleash your deep passion for living!
  • Dramatically increase the amount of free time you have to do what you enjoy most!
  • Multiply your ability to inspire others to take action, improve performance and overall results.

You Won’t Be Sold Investments
or Business Opportunities

Many of the so-called “gurus of wealth creation” and their seminars are really front-ends to sell their investment schemes and business opportunities. Oftentimes people who invest in these schemes and opportunities do so because they trust and have faith in the seminar leader… only to find out that the promised returns never materialize and the business isn’t exactly easy and “anyone can do it.” After a lot of struggle, heartache, and hard work, many people end up losing money. And when they challenge their seminar leader… well you know the story! (you didn’t follow directions, and the system is infallible.)

We have seen many organizations fall into the trap of offering seminar attendees anything from pre-paid legal services to stock in gold mines, to long distance phone services to products distributed via network marketing. Please don’t misunderstand us; we are not against any of these products or opportunities… we just believe that the person in front of the room should have an open agenda to educate you –not to profit from you, or your trust – at your expense.

You can rest assured that Goldzone will only offer you educational products and services that we believe in and our Certified Instructors will never offer you schemes or opportunities!


Exactly What You Expect From
a Goldzone Event

In true Goldzone style, the Weekend is conducted with audio-visuals that set the tone and inspire, motivate and compel one to take action. The sessions are lively, stimulating – and sometimes challenging. The hours are flexible and the schedule goes according to what the majority of the participants want to focus on.

There are plenty of live examples, illustrations, and concrete strategies.

The Weekend has a natural flow to it, with the pieces of the puzzle fitting into place and the entire picture revealed in total clarity by the end of the Weekend. You can expect a quantum leap in your results and a deep understanding of what has blocked your flow of money and your ability to enjoy and build upon the money you have created so far. You will discover what your core beliefs about money are – and how these beliefs have remained hidden and out of sight for so long. Ultimately you will be able to create more money, enjoy spending it, master the laws of expansion and tap the power of the dream paradigm…


Unlocking the Key of Money Shame

Together we will look at why there is so much shame around the subject of money – and how most people will lie to avoid this shame. Even the wealthiest people have shame around money and in the most elite and exclusive levels of society, talking about money is taboo!

If a person wants to make more money and gain personal freedom – one risks the label of “greedy or materialistic.” Many people’s jealousy is triggered just by stating that you are in the game… And the first rule of winning at the game – is to be in the game – shamelessly!


Bring Your Partner or Spouse

Handling other people’s considerations and limiting beliefs is a large part of Goldzone Wealth. However, perhaps the most important is the PLOT we play with our primary partner. Many relationships and businesses fail due to misunderstandings, misalignments and control issues around money. It is ideal to attend the Weekend together with your partner or spouse so that you can work on your money relationships together, develop a common language and alignment on vision, financial goals and resolve any control issues.

What is the point in acquiring material wealth if your relationships are filled with control and power dramas, you feel insecure, don’t trust people, are stingy, possessive and over-controlling?

What is Your Current Level of Wealth?

The Goldzone Team has articulated a system of measuring your current wealth, versus where you want to be in the future… and the GOLDZONE Wealth Weekend provides a framework, tool or roadmap to follow. Rest assured, you won’t be forced to share – or asked to divulge any private and confidential information. Naturally, you are welcome to share as much as you want to, however, you will never be forced to.

Some people measure their wealth based on survival and how long you can last, others use net worth as a gauge. These are very limited in that they don’t reflect your quality of life and the key factors required to create the life you want.

Goldzone Wealth is measured using 33 different dynamics that are interrelated. The foundation of the system includes measuring:

  • Money
  • Energy
  • Space
  • Time

What good is having an abundance of money without the energy or time to enjoy it? Most financial education only addresses the money dynamic and neglect the other three areas that are vital to building and enjoying wealth.

The Wealth Weekend will answer many of your questions regarding the connection between sex, money and your relationship dynamics. There is a different strategy for moving up the Money Zones – depending on which zone you are currently in.


Enjoy The Good Life!

Most people work hard to generate money, to invest this money in assets that then generate more money so that they can retire, live off the income, then enjoy the good life. The question is what would happen if you enjoyed the good life now? What is the good life anyway? Is it your definition or someone else’s?

What would happen if you enjoyed what you did, were free to think, say and do whatever you wanted as long as it did not infringe on others?

During the Weekend, you will develop a clearer understanding of what the good life looks like – to you – and what is in the way of you giving it to yourself now.


What You Can Expect From The
GOLDZONE Wealth Weekend:

  • Learn how to get out of the time for money trap
  • Learn how to turn your passion into a money-making machine
  • Learn how to do what you love and make all the money you want
  • Learn how to build enduring wealth without having to do things you hate
  • Learn how to escape the multiple income stream trap – that dilutes your focus and diffuses your Lifeforce
  • Discover what your core beliefs about money are, and how to change them
  • Learn the metaphysics of money, wealth, and abundance
  • Learn how to buy wholesale – and avoid the retail trap
  • Discover how to play WIN/WIN with people who are playing WIN/LOSE
  • Learn how to move from busy, ineffective and inefficient into effortless flow with unlimited time to do the things you want to
  • Learn how to move from sluggish or forceful energy to dynamic, passionate and boundless energy
  • Learn how to manage your finances in a way that is conducive to flow rather than struggle
  • Discover how to dramatically boost your cash flow to excess, surplus and abundance
  • Learn how to assess which zone potential investments are in – before you invest your money or time
  • Learn the basics of personal freedom and how this impacts your financial freedom
  • Discover how your personal shame around money, blocks your ability to have and keep money
  • Uncover the GAPS in asking for what you want, charging what you want and having what you want
  • Discover how you can accelerate your net worth to exponential levels
  • Master the principles of exchange and discover where you are out of exchange and how this blocks your money flow
  • Learn the dynamic principles of the dream paradigm to bridge the GAP in less time with less effort
  • Learn how to move from money struggle into effortless flow
  • Learn how to spend money without feeling shame or guilt
  • Take control of your finances back so that you are in charge of your financial future
  • Learn how to recover from a financial paradigm crash
  • Discover where your Lifeforce is stuck in past learning experiences and release wrong conclusions and painful memories around money, wealth and finances
  • Learn how to master having money and allowing yourself to spend it on things you want – not just things you need
  • Learn how and when to use debt and when not to
  • Learn how to satisfy your emotional needs for instant gratification – without spending everything you have
  • Learn how to use the spending law to expand rather than focusing on saving and contracting
  • Learn how to tap the power of “manifestation paradigm” rather than the “acquisition paradigm”
  • Master your fears around money – having it, not having it – or losing it
  • Learn how people use money to control and have power over others
  • Learn how to increase your self-worth – so you can charge what you are worth
  • Learn how to expand your ability to have more money than your parents, friends, family or colleagues do
  • Master money flow to attract more money than you can spend
  • Learn how to create money anytime, anyplace
  • Discover the dynamic principles of exchange and how to add value to every transaction
  • Learn how to spot liars, crooks and cheats – before they get their hands on your money
  • Learn how to increase your personal value – to increase your worth to others and your ability to increase your income
  • Learn how to tap the power of unlimited upside leverage to generate an exponential cash flow and net worth
  • Discover your core feelings around money, wealth and abundance
  • Learn the formula for moving up the Optima Zones of Wealth – specific for the Zone you are currently in
  • Learn how to budget effectively – without feeling controlled and restricted by a budget
  • Learn how to maximize the return from each dollar – and to dramatically improve the value you receive
  • Discover how shame blocks your giving and receiving exchanges
  • Learn how to move from a small-town money mindset to a world-class mindset – without having to leave town
  • Learn how to fit into the top levels of society without feeling uncomfortable or out of place
  • Learn how to get out of debt – and ensure that you never get into unnecessary debt again
  • Learn how to consume things you don’t need – to create expansion
  • Discover how to clean up your “out of exchanges” and unwind from the money plots with other people
  • Learn how to develop a healthy relationship with money
  • Discover a new context for money and finances in your life
  • Discover the simplicity of Partnership Finances – and learn how to apply it to your relationship

The Dream Paradigm vs The Success Paradigm

Many well-intended people fall into the trap of going for material success, or acquisition of goals, stuff, and achievements. Ask any person who has successfully followed this route and they will tell you that success isn’t all it is cracked up to be. Many people lament that they have “made it,” however “the dream died somewhere along the way, or it just doesn’t mean as much anymore, or I just can’t fill that empty feeling inside.”

The Dream Paradigm is all about going for your dreams. It’s about having faith and trusting that there is a faster, more effective way to operate than to run everything from the mind – and its limited EGO-self point of view. When you take the leap of faith into a new reality, you let go of the old way of doing things and step into the unknown. For a moment, it appears as though you have failed, and there is nothing to catch you… and then, mysteriously, a new reality of possibility exists that you could not predict – nor control. The Goldzone Wealth Weekend is designed to make this “leap of faith” easier and more predictable by sharing the support of people who have been there before, and who, looking back can see what you cannot.


What Financial Paradigm is
Running Your Finances?

Our financial paradigms are made up of experiences, plus beliefs, attitudes, and mindsets as well as well-formed habits. Unfortunately, most of our beliefs are invisible and we have them without consciously choosing them. This means that our financial paradigm – the most critical part of our financial psyche – can’t be changed without exposing and examining these beliefs.

Our paradigm determines what we see, and what we don’t see. Opportunity may be right in front of us – however, if it doesn’t match our primary paradigm, we are not going to see it. It also determines what is possible for us financially. We have pre-determined limits on how much money we can make, have, spend and keep. The Goldzone Wealth Weekend is carefully constructed to expose our primary financial paradigm so that we can identify the core beliefs that are holding our current financial reality in place – so that we can change our beliefs, shift our rules and move into the DREAM PARADIGM.


Why Do Busy & Successful People
Attend the GOLDZONE Wealth Weekend?

There are many reasons why busy & successful people participate in the GOLDZONE Wealth Weekend.  Although many people think that they have their relationship with money handled, they discover a whole new dimension of living with themselves and relating to other people that have a profound impact on their relationship with money and their feeling of fulfillment and inner peace.

Many people who appear to be super-successful have in fact sacrificed one area of life for success in another – and this creates a chasm or a deep split on the inside.  Leaving them feeling less than a total success as a human being.  Perhaps it’s the way they feel about themselves, or the quality (or lack thereof) of their primary relationship that has them feeling incomplete and unfulfilled.

If you are one of these people, then the Wealth Weekend will give you a whole new perspective and “skill set” that will change the way you relate to yourself and others.  No matter how well you are currently doing – there is always a higher level possible.

You’ll learn how to:

  • become more successful at what you are doing
  • move yourself from success to fulfillment
  • leave a lasting legacy
  • deal effectively with family members
  • deal with the real causes of stress and imbalance
  • gain more certainty over your financial future

If You Can’t Spare the Time
or Money to Attend…

If you can’t spare the time or money to attend the Goldzone Wealth Weekend, then you really need the Weekend! Goldzone Wealth is about having the time to do the things we want to when we want to do them – without considerations of what it costs and if we can afford it – or not. We can’t promise you miracles (doesn’t mean you won’t have any) however, we can say that you will be infinitely better off NOW by making this a priority and doing whatever it takes to be there…


Now it’s Your Turn

The GOLDZONE Wealth Weekend is now available.  It’s an unforgettable 3-day experience that can help you accelerate your income, build your wealth, leave a lasting legacy and live a DREAM Life!


Who Should Attend?

Regardless of your financial status, the GOLDZONE Wealth Weekend will give you a dramatic increase in your financial mastery.

You should attend if you are sick and tired of your current situation and are looking for workable answers that you can apply immediately.

Partners and teams are encouraged to attend together.

If you belong to one of these categories:
  • Leader
  • Professional
  • Entrepreneur
  • Business Owner
  • Senior Executive
  • Investor
  • High-performance individual
If You Are:
  • Interested in making more money
  • Interested in increasing your income, building wealth, and leaving a legacy
  • Wanting to be on the fast-track
  • A Couple looking for a dramatic improvement in their finances
  • Seeking life-work balance
  • Tired of reading books, attended seminars and are still looking for answers

Your Investment:

Select Your Best Option:
  • Single Attendee:
  • Attending with a Partner:
  • Easy Payment Option:
Currency varies by Country:

$3,333 each
$333 deposit, $333 a month for 12 months

What is Included?

  • 3-Day Program
  • OPTIMA Zones of Money, Finance, and Wealth
  • Comprehensive Personal & Wealth Discovery, Pre-Program Questionnaire, and Zone Analysis to begin my program and customize it to my unique situation.
  • Workbook and Program Materials
  • Access to the Private Members Facebook Page and Messanger Group Chat to learn, network, share and connect.
  • Lifetime re-attendance for a nominal fee of $888 (less than 23% of the full value.)
  • Certificate of Completion.

Dates & Times:

> September 17-19, 2016 – 9 am to 7 pm
Bangkok, Thailand
> May 20-22, 2017 – 9 am to 7 pm
– Singapore




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