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Ladies & Gentleman,

Hello, and welcome to Goldzone’s Wealth website. We are passionate about life, contribution and making the most of the time we have. Central to your ability to make an impact and live the life of your dreams is the money and resources to do it and time to enjoy it.

The basis of personal freedom is the ability to think for yourself, the freedom of speech to express yourself, the freedom to make up your own mind and to take whatever action moves you towards your own goals.

One of the foundations of personal freedom is economic freedom. Economic freedom is your basic right in any capitalist society. Economic freedom enables you to make your own economic decisions. This includes the right to own, use and profit from property (property is defined as anything you own such as money, real estate, patents, businesses, worldly possessions etc.) You are free to choose and change jobs, businesses, careers, and relationships. You have the freedom to save money, invest it, and spend it as you wish.

Most people neither understand nor fully exercise this basic freedom. Instead of thinking for and educating themselves, they abdicate responsibility for their personal economics to an outside authority – including partners and spouses.

We created this website to help people to transform their relationships to money, wealth, abundance, contribution into a renewed foundation of enjoyment, FREEDOM, and happiness.

Ideal for success minded individuals or couples to create and live their IDEAL life.

It’s a Lifelong Quest

We have been on a lifelong quest for the realization of OPTIMUM WEALTH… where success does not dominate quality of life and where soul searching does not take over and result in justifying limited and meager resources. True freedom is the goal where one has the resources to live the dream along with the time to enjoy it, where passion, profit, and contribution are equals. Driven by purpose, vision and the expression of values.

The journey has not been easy. But it has been the most worthwhile and profitable activity I have engaged in.

I invite you to raise your standards, make finances a priority and to invest money, time and energy to realize your wildest dreams.

Enjoy and I hope to see you soon…


Andrew John Harrison
Founder & CEO
Goldzone Wealth Center

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