Imagine where you could be in twelve months from now… which area of life, career or business would you like to see TRANSFORMED?

We all know that If you do the same things next year that you did last year, not much will change.

With a small investment in time, money and energy your future can be dramatically different from your past. Goals can be set and achieved. Visions can be seen and realized. Sticky problems can be resolved. Relationship frictions can become harmonious.

With changes happening so fast, much of what we read in books and learn from seminars is already out of date. With GOLDZONE’s 33 Dimension Membership this is not the case because content is updated in real-time. Content is never repeated twice.

Imagine what you could do with DIRECT access to personal insights, sharing, education and ongoing support in the areas that matter to you most from one of the most informed, educated and well travelled sources available worldwide!

This 12-Month Membership includes all five of GOLDZONE’s 33 Series Programs including the life session, private members group, materials and session recordings.

Together we will implement specific strategies to transform your life, leadership, relationships, finances, business and accelerate results. Massive action is not required… the program operates at the “speed of grace”… small 1 or 2 degree shifts that compound in effects. The results are spectacular! AND EASY.

Annual Membership Includes:
  • 33 Rules of Relationship
  • 33 Steps to New-Paradigm Leadership
  • 33 Pillars of Enduring Financial Success
  • 33 Keys to Optimum Health
  • 33 Keys to Enduring Business Success

The sessions are conducted via Goldzone’s Interactive Digital Classroom (IDC) in HD Video/Audio via six sessions over twelve months. Each session focuses on 5-8 Steps, the concepts, implementation and follow up from previous sessions.

Conducted on alternate Thursday evenings from 7:00pm to 10:00pm UTC + 8, the program is flexible in that if you miss a session you can review the missed session’s audio or video recording.

Limited to just 33 Participants the sessions are interactive, personalized and informative.

The best type of power one can have is Personal Power… this program includes the foundational and advanced steps to enhance and direct your ultimate Personal Power!

Single Attendee:
Attending with a Partner:
$4,500 each
Membership Includes: icon_tick Full 12-month participation in all five 33 Series Programs including:
icon_tick > 33 Steps to New-Paradigm Leadership > 33 Rules of Relationship > 33 Keys to Optimum Health > 33 Pillars of Enduring Financial Success > 33 Keys to Enduring Business Success >
icon_tick 30 sessions x 3-hours conducted via GOLDZONE’s Interactive Digital Classroom in HD Video/Audio. Sessions are scheduled on weekday evenings, typically every second Thursday evening.
icon_tick Program Materials, Handouts and a HD Video/Audio Recording of each session.
icon_tick Access to the Private Member’s Page to network and share with like-minded people.
icon_tick Certificate of Completion.

* * *

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