Money, Money, Money!

Young or old, rich or poor, money matters are never far from our minds.

Money means different things to different people. For some it means survival. Life and death. For most people, it means security and control. Then there are those who see it as POWER. That can mean the power to choose, power over oneself or even power over others.

From a GOLDZONE Wealth perspective, once you handle your survival, security, control and power aspects of money, it becomes about FREEDOM, SELF-EXPRESSION, and CONTRIBUTION.

Many of us are familiar with the concept of “Financial Freedom” and have invested years of money, time and energy in its pursuit only to be disappointed with our results. Often we buy into concepts that are thinly veiled “get Rich Quick” schemes that promise quick and easy riches that will lead to a life of happiness, health, and financial abundance.

The premise of these schemes is often based on sacrifice, doing what you do not enjoy for the singular goal of financial gain and the pot of gold supposedly at the end of the rainbow.

The alternative version that the majority of people subscribe to is the retirement trap. Sacrifice now, scrimp, save, invest and spend as little as possible. Do a job, business or activity that makes you the most money until you retire to live off the proceeds or income from your hard earned assets. (Or Marry someone who has done this so you don’t have to.)

Many marriages and partnerships have been destroyed in this way.

What happens if modern medicine delivers on its promise of longevity and the average person lives to 100, and yet planned to financially retire at 65? If that’s you, how will you finance those extra years? go back to a dead end job or career you hate?

(It is predicted that people born today will live to 150.)

Pure “Get Rich Quick” is where you can do little, make millions, while sitting in your underpants. Almost overnight success using these secrets… Sure! Most of us know that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

And yet, many of us fall for the Hard Work, Sacrifice, Retirement or Get Rich Quick schemes.

My question to you is this: What good is all the money in the world if you kill yourself to get it? Or if your family breaks up? Or if you are miserable?

Doing what you hate, for the promise of a reward in 50 years time when you can retire and live the life you always wanted is a very good recipe for misery. No wonder modern society is plagued with loneliness, drug, sex, and money addictions.

Many well-intended people fall into the trap of going for material success, or acquisition of goals, stuff, and achievements. Ask any person who has successfully followed this route and they will tell you that success isn’t all it is cracked up to be. Many people lament that they have “made it,” however “the dream died somewhere along the way, or it just doesn’t mean as much anymore, or I just can’t fill that empty feeling inside.”

We call the above schemes the Success Paradigm.

dream planet

GOLDZONE Wealth is different, in that it is built on top of the Survival, Security, and Success Paradigms, rather than replacing them. This is known as the DREAM PARADIGM.

This is where you live the dream today, not when you retire, not when you reach a certain amount of financial success, but today!

You start living the dream today and make your financial success an integral part of your day-to-day life at the same time as doing exactly what you love, with whom you love when you want to do it, in the way you love to do it.

Consider the possibilities of adopting the idea of Holistic Success, which means having it all NOW. This is the core of the Dream Paradigm. The life you want. The relationships, health, career, lifestyle, self-expression, growth, spiritual life, contribution and finances to support it.

No matter where you are starting, it is possible to live the Dream Paradigm now. It’s just that most people never imagined that it was possible. Most of us have been sold a lie, never realizing that there is an alternative.

This website and GOLDZONE’S Educational programs and services are designed to support anyone despite your age, experience, background or capability, to start living your Dream Paradigm today.

Now it’s Your Turn

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